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Web Design News and Tips Three things you need to know about mobile

Mobile devices – you can’t ignore them

We’ve written at length about why we think mobile devices are increasingly important in today’s market place. We’ve blogged about the need for a responsive web design to ensure that your website maximises your conversion rate by maximising your user experience on mobile devices. However, in order to really convince you that this is the way forward, you want data – cold hard numbers that prove our rhetoric.

Mobile browsing study

A recent study in the US by AOL and the University of Virginia, provides some interesting data about how people are using mobile devices. The data set is huge and focused on 4-industry sectors:

  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Auto
  • Telecom.

The research team analysed some 500-billion online ad impressions and 100-million conversion events across all types of device. The conversion events were:

  • Travel – booking a hotel, flight, or car reservation
  • Retail – making a purchase
  • Auto – finding a local dealer/requesting more information/configuring a car
  • Telecom – purchasing of new plans and devices.

The results show that mobile browsing may be taking off faster than most people, including industry supporters like us, expected. The study highlighted 3-important areas for business:

1. Mobile is important for conversions

In the 4-industries studied, up to 31% of conversion events happened on a mobile device (up by 28% from the previous year). Thus proving, that if your website is not optimised for viewing on mobile devices, then chances are you’re missing out on the opportunity to convert visitors into customers.

2. Mobile is big at home

Much has been made of the versatility of mobile devices allowing users to search the web when out and about, but according to this study 25% of consumers use smartphones or tablets when making online purchases at home.

3. iPads really sell

We’ve heard about the previous dominance of the iPad within the tablet market space and how Android devices are now catching up. However, this study proves that when it comes to selling products online, 65% of mobile conversions happened on tablets and 85% of those happened on iPads.

Many industry experts will theorise about what this study and similar data means with regards to online behaviour.  However, what we really need to know is that the trend for using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, on the go or at home, is increasing and will continue to increase as more and more of these devices enter society. So if you’ve got a website, whether its designed to sell or merely provide information, you need to ensure that visitors to your site get the best possible user experience in order to maximise conversion rates. This means you need a website that is designed to be viewed on such devices and the best of these will be responsive.