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Web Design News and Tips The power of branded social media

In article-11 of the web design Cornwall series we discuss the power of branded social media. Most people are familiar with Facebook and Twitter – even if they don’t know how to use them.  But did you know that they could be used as part of a branded social media marketing strategy and provide a real return for your business?

Traditionally marketing has been all about push, but today it is much more about pull

 Entrepreneur and “TV Dragon” James Caan says:

Social media is the most powerful form of marketing…it targets directly the consumer you want to speak to…and is a fundamental part of any business strategy.

You may already be using branded social media to maximise your business’s exposure. If not then you are missing out on an opportunity to talk directly (and regularly) to your client base. In addition, loyal customers can (and will) share and recommend you and your products or services.

Organisations can increase their profile and attract new customers

Company Facebook page

The great news is that creating a Facebook page for your business is absolutely free. However, the draw back is that most pages look the same, with a “wall” for comments and places for photos. Put simply these pages are boring.

The most successful company Facebook pages are the ones that have been customised. The pages can be colourful, bright, and engaging – much like mini websites.

These pages can include modified landing pages, to encourage visitors to take advantage of a special discount or deal when they LIKE the page, before sending them to the main wall. It is possible to continue your company’s branding efforts right inside Facebook, making your fan page a natural extension of your main website.

Ease of use

In todays Internet savvy world, most people have relatively short attention spans. If they are on your company page, they will want to find all of the information they require right there. While some will gladly visit your company’s main website, others will reject the idea of being redirected elsewhere. Therefore, customising your Facebook page will make your visitors feel as though they’ve landed on your website. The trick is to make your visitors feel as though they have found a one-stop-shop for information about your company or organisation.

Earn more followers

Customising your company Facebook page can play a significant role in helping you to grow your fan base. The more engaging your content, the more likely people will be to participate in your discussions. This will not only help generate interest in your offering, but you will also create a platform for users to share their feedback.

For example, some companies offer free samples to those who LIKE their pages and fill out registration forms. Those who receive these samples will likely come back and share their thoughts about the product. This information can then be used to make changes or enhancements to the product. Those who love what you are offering will of course, turn into regular customers.

Encourage interaction

A customised Facebook page will encourage your visitors to spend time on your page, interacting with your company and with other fans. It can also be a great way of encouraging your fans to participate in the growth of your page. Facebook users are going to talk about the products and companies they love and they are much more likely to speak well of those who engage them in a fun and informative way.

The viral effect of Facebook

As each new fan LIKES your page, that information is displayed on THEIR wall. In turn, their friends will see that they LIKED your fan page and this will bring you new customers and the ability to grow your fan base virally.

Company Twitter account

Another great way to communicate your latest news and offers to customers or followers is via Twitter.

When you combine messages that are quick to write, easy to read, public, opt-in, and accessible anywhere, you have a powerful, real-time way of communicating.

Just like Facebook, Twitter accounts and avatars can be customised to reflect your company or organisation’s identity.

Don’t forget Google+

Whatever you do don’t discard the idea of Google+. There is no larger search engine out there than Google – by creating a Google+ account can improve your company’s visibility and ranking. Many people prefer Google+’s usability and business applications, not only for marketing, but also for business operations. Whether you are a fan of Google or not, by ignoring this increasingly potent form of social media you could miss out on untold opportunities not only now, but certainly in the future.

Survival in a growing market

Customising your social media presence with branded social media accounts will give you a better chance of surviving in the growing marketplace – you, your existing and potential customers will simply love the way your enhanced pages look.  So speak to your web designer about customising your social media accounts in line with the design of your website.  You can’t ignore the power of branded social media.