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Capture the imagination with great content marketing

Your website has only seconds to capture interest. Its initial exposure helps people determine whether they want to spend more time reading, listening or viewing. The modern Web user wants to be impressed quickly; their time is at a premium so they won’t waste time on a site that doesn’t grab them.  Think about articles you’ve read, speeches you’ve heard, or books you’ve begun to read.  Unless they capture your imagination quickly then you’re less likely to persevere with them.

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates make it difficult to know which search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy actually works and which doesn’t. However, there’s one strategy that Google loves and will always love – Content marketing.

Good content grab the reader

As well as the obvious aesthetic design elements of a website, the content needs to grab the reader encouraging them to read on and for most of us make a purchase. There’s a skill to this; you have to be edgy, but not poke someone in the eye; you have to be willing to challenge and amuse, while not bragging or boasting. Your site, and your homepage in particular, should be provocative enough to be memorable and hopefully receive positive recommendations.

As an example, provocative content for an accountants may include 5-reasons you’re paying too much in tax, or how to get your clients to offer to pay you more than you ask

Google has let it be known that its long-term vision is to reward helpful, authoritative sites in the natural search results. That means your website needs to provide relevant and informative content that will help build relationships with users and yield high rankings in the search results.

Five tips for developing a killer content marketing strategy

If your content isn’t all that it could be, consider these tips for developing a killer content marketing strategy:

1. Invest time in understanding your audience’s needs.

You can determine the types of content your audience wants most by investigating the kinds of articles that are popular on blogs in your industry and identify content that’s shared frequently on your readers’ social networking profiles e.g. find out which topics drew the most reactions in terms of Facebook “likes. You can then plan your future content campaigns accordingly.

2. Dedicate resources to your content marketing strategy.

Set aside the time and money that may be needed to implement your content marketing strategy. You may be able to produce the content yourself, but you need to organise your time to include a space for its creation.

3. Set high editorial standards.

As you develop your content marketing campaign, take care to ensure that the quality remains high. Poorly edited content can prove damaging. Remember the more readable it is by humans the more Google will like it. Maintain your attention to detail.

4. Build a presence on social channels.

You may have invested a lot of time or even money in the creation of your content, so don’t sit back and wait for your readers to disseminate it – be proactive about building your presence via social media.

5. Consistency is key.

Consistency in style and timing can also increase your following. Not every new bit of content will go viral, but if your content is relevant and interesting you’ll build an audience that will look out for any new offerings. If these are published at a consistent time or frequency then people will know to look out for you and how to find you.

So whatever your topic and audience, the creation of great content that grabs the reader will not only help you build a following but provide the foundation for your SEO strategy.

If humans love it so will Google!