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Web Design News and Tips Contact Us – invite your website visitors to communicate with a contact form

A contact form plays an integral part of a website

The purpose of nearly every website is to sell, whether that be a product, service or even an idea.  Whatever it is that you want people to buy, a crucial part of the sales process is customer engagement or more simply, the ability to communicate with the customer or user of the website. When formulating a website design, careful consideration must be given to the mechanics of that communication, especially the method and frequency of that customer engagement. Therefore, the Contact page is one of the most important pages on a website and the contact form plays an integral part of a website allowing visitors to get in touch with you.

Convert visitors into customers

As a business owner, having a contact us page with a contact form can connect you to you visitors, giving you the opportunity of converting them into customers.  The contact form is therefore a vital weapon in your armoury and should enable visitors to your website to get in touch by various means such as sending you an email, sending you physical mail, or even calling you by telephone.

Positioning & frequency must be carefully considered

The positioning of the call to action inviting users to get in touch, also needs careful consideration when designing your website.  Think about your audience, your product and the aesthetic elements of the website. It is important for users to be able to access the contact information from anywhere on the website, but you want to avoid bombarding them with calls to action. These should be obvious in that the eye should scan to them naturally, with the use of position, colour and graphics. Their position and frequency must also make sense in terms of the content on your website. Content introducing a topic that you think users will want to explore further, gives you the ideal opportunity to position a contact us link naturally and in a position that makes sense to the user.

Consider specific forms for different areas on your website

It is possible to design multiple contact forms depending on the type of enquiries you wish to receive. In other words, rather than a generic contact us form, you may wish to have separate forms for specific topics within the relevant areas of your website. All this needs to be considered during the website design process in order for the calls to action to appear naturally to the user which, in turn will lead them to contact you more readily.

Keep it simple

The one thing that is essential when considering the design of a website contact form, is to keep it as simple as possible. People shy away from complex forms, so make sure they are brief in order to maximise their effectiveness by encouraging their use and thus preventing visitors from drawing away from your website.

Respond quickly to enquiries

As with all business or organisational enquiries, we are impressed and take note if our request is dealt with expeditiously – so be quick in responding to enquires. In addition, make sure you regularly check and test that your contact form is working properly.

A well-designed contact strategy is a vital component of the design process

A good contact form acts as a conversion point that you can actively track without any sophisticated software.  After all, the main aim of every website is to get more visitors and ultimately more conversions. People who want to contact you are indicating that they want to make some kind of connection with you.  If you’re successful in inviting them to get in touch, it’s then up to you how effectively you deal with their responses.

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